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Agricultural field day held at Njoro Division.

On the 16th April, the Ministry of Agriculture, Njoro Division, invited a number of stakeholders to their field day event. They were a lot of different exhibitions, which included, farming techniques, food preservation, home economics and nutrition, food tasting among others. We us Necofa and Slow food Central Rift had an opportunity of showcasing our products, activities, and informed the farmers about Slow food movement, its activities in Kenya and the importance of registering with the Movement. The day was a success, as we sold some of our products, which included the stinging nettle, fiber art and pumpkin products. We interacted with the farmers who were very enthusiastic to hear about our activities, we also had a chance to meet with other stakeholders, and one stakeholder Mtakatifu Clara Mwangaza Centre, invited us for their stakeholders forum, so as to brainstorm on the next field events with other stakeholders. This is a great opportunity, as we are getting to network and interact with others who are promoting food issues in different ways, and in this way we have a strong voice to speak on behalf of the farmers concerning issues affecting them like the threat to food security which has been brought about by the introduction of genetically modified organisms, Alliance for green revolution in Africa and biofuels among others.

Mr. Wachira from Necofa, speaking to farmers!!Young 4k-club members.


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On 9th April, the Ministry of Agriculture, Elburgon Division, invited Necofa, Slow food Central Rift convivium and other stakeholders for a field day. The field day, was an opportunity to interact with farmers from the different areas of the division, and create awareness about our organizations and their activities. We did discuss about, community groups development, value addition, revolving credit fund and ways in which to improve communities livelihoods through sustainable Agriculture farming. We believe in disseminating information in the best way possible, like interacting directly with the farmer, to get to know their needs and challenges, and the field day offered just that!

Farmers Exposure Visit to Ol Joro Orok Agricultural Training Centre on 18th March 2009

During the month of March, NECOFA in collaboration with Friends of Kenya Schools and Wildlife (FKSW) ,organized a trip for 34 farmers to Nyandarua District for an exposure visit to learn on new and appropriate technology to alleviate hunger and poverty hence uplift their livelihood.  The visit drew participants from Mau Narok, Lare, Kuresoi, Keringet, Molo and Olenguruone divisions of Molo district.  The group also consisted of 4K-Club patrons from different schools, community members, representatives from community based organizations and opinion leaders.

 During the exposure visit, participants had an opportunity to learn about value addition on farm produce, tomato production in green houses with a view of ensuring high returns in a controlled environment to save on water and mitigating on prevalence of diseases.  The participants  visited one of the farmers in Nyahururu (Kifathi area) who has adopted the green house technology on his farm, after an exposure visit to the same training centre. The exposure enlightened farmers on maximizing production even in small portion of land. A 15m x 6m structure of greenhouse planted with tomatoes (Anna brand) earns a farmer more than Kshs 180,000/- per crop. They also learnt about organic farming, as the varieties demonstrated are all grown using organic farming.

Karunga Women on an exposure visit at L.Nakuru National Park.

It was all joy for the Karunga Women Group from Elburgon to visit the Lake Nakuru National Park on 10th January 2009. The trip was organized in relation to the Molo Lamb and Wool project by Network for Ecofarming in Africa (NECOFA) and their partners Friends of Kenya Schools and Wildlife (FKSW). In the project, communities spin the wool and knit animal dolls, rags and baskets among other items for income generation and at the same time for skill development and transfer to the younger generation.

This was meant to assist the women come up with better products in future. The women had an opportunity to see the animals which they had been knitting but they had not seen them physically. They have been copying pictures from books and photos; but now they are expected to do much better after the visit. The trip was supported by Friends of Kenya Schools and Wildlife who market the wool products in USA.

Sharing with the needy during christmas celebrations.


NECOFA decided to add value and happiness to the lives of 8 children who were unfortunate victims of the post election violence that broke out in Kenya early in the year.  The treat was in form of new clothes aimed at bringing some joy and happiness as the world celebrates Christmas and New Year. Five of the children are orphans who lost their parents in the senseless mayhem.  They include ; (from left) Girl-Spinicah Moraa aged 16years, boy Wycliffe Oduso aged 15years, boy Dennis Ayoti aged 10years, boy George Mbugua aged 14years and boy Joshua Nyakundi aged 17years.  The children learn at St Mary’s Boys Primary School in Molo. The other beneficiaries were the wife and three children of Mr David Kinuthia Muiruri.  Mr kinuthia and his sister are physically challenged.  While Mr Kinuthia moves on a wheel chair, his sister has never moved since she has never benefited from the services of a wheel chair.  They too are victims of the violence and they are currently housed at the New Testament Church. The beneficiaries (from left to right on photo) boy Zephania Gitau aged 12 years, girl Monicah Wanjiru aged 13 years; girl Judy Nyokabi aged 16 years and their mother Rose Wambui.

Necofa Participates in World Food Day event.


 World Food Day which is celebrated annually on 16th October was held at Kiptagich in Olenguruone. The event was organized by the Molo District Stakeholders’ Forum led by the Molo District Agricultural Office and brought together exhibitors from financial institutions e.g. Equity Bank, Faulu Kenya among others and farmer groups.

NECOFA  showcased stinging nettle and mushrooms and promoted the idea of growing crops organically and reminded people on the use of indigenous foods, quoting their advantage on nutritional and medicinal value.