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Necofa-kenya wins early entry prize on competition!!

Congratulations! On behalf of the Changemakers team, we are honored to declare you a winner of the Early Entry Prize for the “Cultivating Innovation: Solutions for Rural Communities” collaborative competition! As a reward, you will receive a cell phone and a digital camera!

We hope that by submitting your innovation early, you have been able to generate feedback, dialogue, and insight about your initiative. Showcasing your blueprint and the challenges involved in creating social impact advises potential investors about how best to improve funding/investing patterns for the sector and to maximize the strategic impact and effectiveness of their future investments.

Please remember that your selection as an Early Entry Prize winner does not preclude you from winning the competition in any way, or guarantee finalist status—all entries will be equally evaluated per the Changemakers criteria at the completion of the entry period.

Congratulations, again!

Best wishes,

The Changemakers