Agricultural field day held at Njoro Division.

On the 16th April, the Ministry of Agriculture, Njoro Division, invited a number of stakeholders to their field day event. They were a lot of different exhibitions, which included, farming techniques, food preservation, home economics and nutrition, food tasting among others. We us Necofa and Slow food Central Rift had an opportunity of showcasing our products, activities, and informed the farmers about Slow food movement, its activities in Kenya and the importance of registering with the Movement. The day was a success, as we sold some of our products, which included the stinging nettle, fiber art and pumpkin products. We interacted with the farmers who were very enthusiastic to hear about our activities, we also had a chance to meet with other stakeholders, and one stakeholder Mtakatifu Clara Mwangaza Centre, invited us for their stakeholders forum, so as to brainstorm on the next field events with other stakeholders. This is a great opportunity, as we are getting to network and interact with others who are promoting food issues in different ways, and in this way we have a strong voice to speak on behalf of the farmers concerning issues affecting them like the threat to food security which has been brought about by the introduction of genetically modified organisms, Alliance for green revolution in Africa and biofuels among others.

Mr. Wachira from Necofa, speaking to farmers!!Young 4k-club members.

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