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Nature at its best!!

They say all work and no play makes one a dull  person, hence Necofa decided to offer its staff and two American students on attachment with the organization an adventure trip to the Maasai Mara national reserve. It was awesome to watch the animals in thSymbiotic environment.e mara fields, the carnivores feeding on the herbivorous, the American friends  were eager to see the big five group of animals, and they finally got a big six the elegant lady giraffe. What was suprising though is the state of the mara river. We   did realise that this year’s migration across the near dry Mara River has once again reaffirmed the need to conserve ecological processes that sustain our ecosystems; their aesthetics and economic value . The low water volume in Mara River is ostensibly due to the prolonged drought.  However it’s also due to continued destruction of its main catchment in the Mau Forest in Central Rift over which there has been vicious debate without concrete action from the government. We need no other sign of what the country stands to lose should we lose this forest. This has implied less drama and thrill for thousands of safari enthusiasts booked in the mara this season mainly to watch the migration.

Migrating wildbeests.


On a philosophical note, is crossing the river of any advantage to the wildebeests? Might they be having a field day crossing a dry river bed.

Necofa group at the Kenya - Tanzania border.“Watching great herds of wildebeest “cross” the Mara River without even getting their hooves wet really brought home the imminence of the tragedy this country is facing.” Gabe’s quote.