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As we seek to balance life and work, we often think of our next vacation as one of the ways of restoring balance in our lives.

Terra Madre Safaris through Necofa hosted 6 American visitors; who included their partners  (FKSW) and their friends from the 7th -29th January,2011 .  The friends of FKSW were interested in learning about the different activities of the 2 organizations in Kenya, learning about the kenyan people and their culture. This was achieved through visits to successful community projects, school projects, and local food communities where they shared meals with the local people, as they exchanged information and shared ideas of the two different worlds they live in. These exchanges help the local people in appreciating themselves, priding in their culture and heritage, and holding their heads high with dignity.

Asked of their experience in Kenya, Karen had this to say;

“Sometimes we take a big trip, far away from where we live and what we do. These journeys abroad can provide rich learning, not only about the people we meet and the places we visit, but also about ourselves. Such trips are as much an adventure (looking outward), as an inventure (looking inward). Travel provides us with an opportunity to be students of our experiences, reinvent ourselves, and rewrite our personal narratives. ”