Christmas may be the “season to be jolly” but not everyone gets to enjoy the festive spirit. While most of us come under the spells of carols and eagerly wait to open our presents, for a large number in the village, it’s just another day. Christmas is a period when people strengthen their relationships with their families. This is also the time the people help the less fortunate members of their society. Jesus in his teachings showed that we should always be caring for the less fortunate and we should all be our brothers’ keepers..So, to make this year’s Christmas a special one for the “not so fortunate”, Necofa decided to share Christmas with 46 households of vulnerable orphans and their guardians some infected and affected by HIV/AIDS to put a smile on their faces and to make them feel special and loved.

The members of the households each received a 2kg packet of chapati flour, salt, sugar, cooking oil, rice and tea leaves to ensure that at least on that particular day they will enjoy like everybody else, 

And the joy of being part of the day was evident as the children and elderly adults danced away merrily to christmas songs.

Vulnerable Orphaned children and their guardians sing as they await to receive their gifts.







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