Terra Madre Day 2010

December 10 – a day dedicated to the Slow Food network of food communities, celebrated in 160 countries


Terra Madre Day is celebrated again on 10 December 2010, after its inauguration last year on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the foundation of Slow Food International.

It will be a day of celebration for everybody who is a part of the Terra Madre network and Slow Food – Slow Food members, Presidia producers, food commmunities, cooks, academics, young people and musicians; a collective event celebrating good, clean and fair food on a global scale, held little more than a month after the great biannual meeting of the delegates of these communities, which took place for the fourth time in Turin on October 21-25, 2010.

 This year, Terra Madre Day has a goal: to collect funds for the creation of 1,000 Gardens in Africa: in schools, villages and the metropolitan peripheries. The gardens of Terra Madre will be managed by the communities and cultivated with sustainable methods (composting, natural preparations against infestations and insects, sensible water management). They will grow local varieties and follow the principles of intercropping, making use of the mutually beneficial cohabitation of various fruit trees, vegetables and medicinal herbs. The idea for the ‘1,000 Gardens in Africa’ is nothing new, but rather a synthesis of numerous agricultural and didactic experiences gained in already existing projects (in Kenya, Uganda, Ivory Coast, Mali, Morocco, Ethiopia, Senegal and Tanzania).

 The Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity will be handling the management of the funds and the projects in Africa.

 To contribute to the project, please write to ortiafrica@terramadre.org

 The Terra Madre Day will also be an occasion to reaffirm and demonstrate the fundamental values of Slow Food, not least through the contemplation of the document ‘Sustainability and Food Policies’, the first draft of which was formulated in the past months by the University of Gastronomic Sciences in collaboration with the international experts and students of the Advanced School in Sustainability and Food Policies. This paper then underwent further discussions, elaborations and corrections by the food communities at the Terra Madre world meeting in October, and has been presented and commented on at the closing ceremony of the event. Terra Madre Day 2010 will be a further moment of reflection on and discussion of the document, to elaborate a definitive version, which will then be distributed to governments of all levels worldwide.

The first Terra Madre Day in 2009 saw more than 1,000 events happening in over 120 countries.

To see the already planned activities for Terra Madre Day 2010:


More about Slow Food at  http://www.slowfood.com

More about Terra Madre at www.terramadre.org

More about the ‘1,000 Gardens in Africa’ Campaign: http://www.slowfood.com/terramadreday/pagine/eng/pagina2.lasso?-id_pg=113

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