During the visit, NECOFA team donated one knapsack sprayer and five litre of Hyax (organic fertilizer).These was necessary because the resultant crop failure has been due to low soil fertility and increased acidity of the soil. A demonstration was carried out on the use of the knapsack sprayer by spraying hyax fertilizer on the maize field.

During the same visit, the group was also trained on the treatment and enrichment of Boma compost i.e. the production of compost manure. Members were advised to construct a shade and heap the boma compost to avoid loss of nutrients through leaching and evaporation and ensure proper decomposition. They were also advised on ways of enriching the manure e.g. adding of ash, green materials and use of mijingu-a natural phosphate fertilizer.

The group members shared their gratitude to the supportive and initiatives carried out by NECOFA staff, as they gained hands on skills.

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