The rope and washer pump is a key part of the water and sanitation programme amongst the community members of Kihoto self Help group and its environs. Although health benefits could not be attributed to its provision directly, the users of the rope and washer pump perceived it as being responsible for the health benefits they have received. The rope and washer pump is a low-cost hand pump capable of pumping water from up to 25 meters below ground. It has been in used in various forms all over the world for many years. The pump is made locally. Operation and maintenance for the pumps is low in comparison with other pumps and due to the simple design it can be done by the users themselves. The rope and washer saves the users a considerable amount of time which was used for productive activities such as farming, selling produce and small scale irrigation.

The source of income for the majority of families is from mixed farming, with the main crops being potatoes and maize. All families have small plots of land which vary in size from 1 to 5 ares. Therefore the water obtained has recently been used by the community for irrigation and the livestock which has highly contribute to high crop yields and proper animal husbandry. Kihoto SHG members has recommended the efforts nade saying these has reduced cases of waterborne diseases, malnutrition, skin diseases and further increased concentration of pupils especially the girl child in their education. One of the teachers among the group said that the students are currently able to finish their assignments on time and thereby improve there performance. Most families share their well with at least one of their neighbours meaning that the benefits of the rope and washer pumps have reached many more families than those directly involved in the project.

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