On 17th June 2010, four members from Necofa volunteered to support the tree planting initiative organized by Mau forest Conservancy,UNEP, The East African Wildlife Society, Kenya Forest Wildlife Group, and community forest associations. Pupils and Students from the neighboring schools and community members from the area gathered in the occasion to take part in the ongoing exercise. The exercise was marked by peace talks from the organizing agencies and provincial administration represented by three chief from the nearby communities. As observed, Baraget forest which is located in Mau forest was largely affected by massive destruction of forest cover with only less that 15% of the total area left bare with no vegetation cover. The community members claim that in the recent decade they have experienced crop failure and reduced rainfall throughout the years. Early this year the Government evicted people who illegally encroached the forest and later conducted tree planting in the neighboring Kaptunga Forest which was pioneered by the Prime Minister Raila Odinga.
The theme of the event was to promote biodiversity through restoration of degraded forest with indigenous trees. The community leaders, prohibited cutting of trees as fuelwood and Charcoal burning as well as illegal settlement in the forest.

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