Clean-up and tree planting to welcome the Environmental Day

National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) team and organizers officiated the event that was held on 3rd June 2010 as a build up exercise towards the national environmental day. Necofa team led by Mr. David Chege, volunteered in the active participation during the clean up exercise in Molo town to sensitize the community and commercial agencies toward clean environment to promote public health and proper solid waste management. The exercise involved workmen from Molo town council, Pupils and students from the nearby team and volunteers from NGO’s, Nema officer among other government premises.

The day was tremendous with joint efforts to eradicate waste and cleaning blocked water tunnels. The walk through the town was remarkable with welcoming signs to the National Environmental Day that was to be held two days after. After the cleanup we all gathered at Kambala Primary School for a tree planting session in the school. The Nema officer and teachers from the respective school gave a talk on biodiversity and importance of conserving the environment and keeping in clean. To, many Biodiversity was a new concept but through elaboration, students and the community participants were able to stipulate the importance of conserving nature and its biodiversity.

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