Stakeholders Exhibition

On 13th of May 2010 Necofa hosted all their community groups that they are working with in their tent during Stakeholders forum organized by Ministry of Agriculture.  The groups present to exhibit and showcases were:-

(i)                  Kihoto S.H.G where they showcased and sold their famous mucunu (fowl species), rabbit meat and mukimo (a delicious traditional kikuyu meal-smashed green maize, beans and boiled potatoes).

(ii)                Utugi S.H.G where they showcased stinging nettle powder and they had prepared very nice porridge prepared by nettle and mixed uji flour as well as boiled maize (mitungo).  They were able to market their project by selling porridge and stinging nettle.

(iii)                Karunga women group they showcased their wool project and they were marketing also their locally made yoghurt.  They were also in a position to market their wool products

(iv)              Lare S.H.G where they showcased and sold their marenge products in value addition where they had prepared chapatti and mandazi made from marenge.

(v)                Tazama mbele women group they were able to market their group where they mainly dead with environmental conservation. They had tree seedlings where they trained and sold tree seedlings.

(vi)              Upendo mushroom growers where exhibited their mushroom and also trained people on how to grow mushroom as well as the importance of mushroom

(vii)             Maendeleo Endelevu Program (MEAP) an NGO organization in Molo where they also had an opportunity to present the organization and publicize their activities.

(viii)           Necofa where they exhibit and trained people on their different activities that they undertake towards community development.  They were in a position to display their low food activities, school garden projects, water and sanitation among others.  They were also in a position to demonstrate how Makiga machine works in producing construction bricks which attracted many male farmers.

The whole event was good and considering it was the first one, there is high hope of improving and making it even better.  Such events are good opportunity of training, exhibiting collaborating and marketing the organization.  The event was attended by many stakeholders but it was observed that many people did not turn up to know what these stakeholders do ad what services they offer and where they are located.  This was targeted to be a good opportunity for farmers and community groups to share and learn from one another.

Kihoto group emerged as the best community group and they were awarded a certificate and a token for being the best and Necofa was very proud. On the other hand Michinda boys primary again was recognized as the best school in 4-k club and they were awarded a certificate.  Mrs Alice Osebe from the Ministry of Agriculture who is working with the Michinda boys was awarded a token and a certificate for being the best staff from the MOA and 4-k club projects. The occasion was good and the community groups appreciated the support and efforts from Necofa it was a very good opportunity for them to market themselves as well as learning and sharing with others.

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