Climate change Training at Egerton University

The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) organized a two days training on the issues of Climate Change in the larger Nakuru District. Necofa Coordinator, Mr. Samuel Muhunyu took part in the training held at Egerton University on 5th to 6th May 2010. The stakeholders training established three ways over which community groups can actively engage with climate change i.e.

Mitigation, carbon sequestration through tree planting and ecosystem conservation and management.

Adaptation, promoting tree planting and sustainable agricultural techniques including growing of indigenous food crops to enhance food security, harvesting rain water and curbing soil erosion to build resilience.

Promotion of Sustainable development: , livelihood diversification and education to become more economically resilient and make progress towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Communities that depend on subsistence farming are the most vulnerable to the negative effects of climate change, because if their crops fail they do not have the purchasing power to go to the market. To improve their security rural people will need to become more resilient to changes in water availability and to extreme weather patterns. Traditional knowledge and strategies have an important role to play in climate resilience. Droughts have been experienced before and local knowledge can inform for an effective response. Encouraging farmers to strengthen indigenous knowledge systems and build upon them creates more community ownership of solutions and reduces their vulnerability

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