Fundraising for Global Giving open challenge

March 20th 2010:

NECOFA organized a Terra Madre lunch to fundraise for Global Giving locally.  The occasion was held at ACK church hall where about 35 people turned up and some of them sent their contribution through Mpesa.  We were able to raise 67,609 as the total contribution with the expenditure totaling to Ksh, 19,009 therefore leaving us with ksh.48, 600. 

The design project will empower 90 families affected by HIV/AIDS in Molo district, Kenya, to produce nutritionally balanced food and improve their incomes.

While most Kenyan families face poverty and hunger, those affected by HIV/AIDS are more prone and vulnerable. They have the additional responsibility of taking care and feeding the infected person(s) who also require even more nutritional attention. Network for Ecofarming in Africa will equip 90 critically affected families in Molo district, Kenya, with skills and materials to enable them produce balanced and nutritious food, and earn extra income. —For more information. Click here...………….

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