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Plant trees, Get water and Feed the Nation!!

The management of forest resources has been faced with a diversity of challenges. The main challenge however has been conversion of forest land into agriculture and settlement. This has negatively jeopardized efforts to conserve our forests and the maintenance of our major water towers. Environmental conservation calls for collective responsibility and commitment where each and every Kenyan is a stakeholder. 

It is through collective responsibility that NECOFA was involved in tree planting in Mau forest at Kiptunga area in January. Talking about ways of preserving Forests couldn’t have come at a better time given the current drought in Kenya. It seems that the dry spells are getting longer and more frequent over time, and this is, without a doubt, due to climate change caused by intensive logging. I think that the people of Kenya need to understand the importance of Mau Forest and other forests to climate change mitigation. Not only are forests the primary water catchment areas, but they are also home to thousands of floral and fauna species. It would be easier to say that the government should place a ban on logging, but without understanding how vital these forests are to the environment, any efforts to implement such a ban would be wasteful. It is our responsibility, therefore, to enlighten others on the importance of preserving forests for future generations and these should be done through vigorous planting of indigenous trees in our forests and farms.