Necofakenya Sponsors School Garden Exchange Visit…

In late September the staff of Necofakenya took students from  Michinda Primary School For Boys in Elburgon to spend a day with students at a school in Kisumu for children with hearing impairments and physical disabilities. Like Michinda, the Kisumu students have a school garden project, and the Michinda boys learned how students with disabilities participate in garden project activities. Afterwards, all students were treated to a boat ride and fishing lessons on Lake Victoria, and then enjoyed a fish lunch. The purpose of these visits was “to provide students with opportunities to meet children from other ethnic communities and to broaden their horizons of knowledge through intercultural dialogue and interact with youth from different social-cultural backgrounds.” These goals are achieved by students sharing their knowledge and experience in school gardens and celebrating the benefits of their gardens by eating together; by  learning that disability is not inability; and  by integrating sports in fostering interactions. In another exchange visit, students from Kiambiriria and Mukinyai Primary Schools in Molo visited  Michinda to learn about their school garden activities, including their chicken project supported by FKSW. They watched a video and ate lunch together after which they were entertained and played a rousing game of tug-of-war. For students who may not have many opportunities to visit other communities and meet students who share the same interests, these exchange days are most memorable!

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