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Necofa Promotes Organic Farming.

The Mitoni farmers are former IDP’S, but through different sponsor initiatives they have finally managed to settle on their small plots.Due to lack of capital, the farmers planted their crops with no organic fertilizers or manure since they have no livestock, Necofa decided to help the farmers, so that they could be able to add folier to their crops by using the organic fertilizer, which is applied at least three times on the crops at different levels of growth, the farmers received organic fertilizers and seeds. They were also provided with pumps for  spraying the crops.  These ensures the farmers  get a good harvest of quality

organic fertilizers, seeds and pumps.

organic fertilizers, seeds and pumps.

crops not contaminated by chemicals or other external inputs which compromise  food quality and taste. The farmers were grateful for the continued assistance they have been receiving from  Necofa and other like-minded stakeholders.